Quiénes somos (EN)

“To tread on other lands and to communicate with different people, make them modest”

Miguel de Cervantes in the Colloquium of the dogs (1613)

The guide of the good traveller says that to travel is not only a physical journey, but also makes you travel temporal and spiritually. Every place has its history, a few of symbols and a meaning which make them different from any other place along the years.

With our cards we try to get, in a calm and comfortable way, that any visitor can take up and assimilate these 3 forms of “good” or true travelling. The knowledge of every place is not only to get their information immediately, but to read it before to generate a healthy curiosity, to really understand the pass of time during the visit and take its essence, and to process and remember it then for recall all the sensations lived “on-site”.



In our company we want travelers to have an unforgettable remember about the historical and architectural details hidden behind every city. That is why we bet on supplying our PVC cards in any language. They are all protected by a varnish that allows the printing be conserved at all times.

• Trending Cards understands that smartphones or tablets have lately become to travellers an essencial tool to stay in touch when they are abroad, so we want to use all the utilities they offer and easily supply information of the visited city.

• We want the touristic visits to be a comfortable experience, without unnecesary weight, that is why the dimensions of our cards can fit in your wallet beside your credit cards.

• The applications we recommend are the bests in the QR code reader market, they are all free and without advertising. As QR codes are becoming more widespread, we recommend you to keep it after the trip, it takes up hardly any space.

• We do not want you to worry about having an internet connection all time, by the cost of being abroad or by the discomfort of connecting the network of data. That is why the guides are directly contained letter by letter in the QR codes, therefore they do not depend on the availability of a website.

• In Trending Cards we also want you to get the travel guide whenever you want, even years later. The materials we use do not get worse over time.

• Finally, we want you to have an unforgettable souvenir of the trip. By that we specially paid attention to their design with the colors and pictures of the places. At your back home, the cards can be saved in any album of photos, be stored in a drawer or placed on the fridge with a magnet.



“Everyone with the ability that makes them unique, together the desire to make this an unique experience of travelling”.


Each one of us represents an active and important part of our company. We are a small team in permanent communication.

Dorian B. Ameneiro Lopez

CEO & Founder

I am a civil engineer by training and an adventurer by vocation. That summarizes my biography.

A quadrangular formation made me learn how to use the basic tools of a good management. After a subjet on 5th year about Business Administration, I discovered the adventure hidden behind every business. After spending hours and hours looking at the ceiling and reading economic news, the idea of entrepreneurship fell down from heaven to my head, which I have been working and developing  for two years.

On the other hand, it was the desire for adventure, aided the oppression of years and years studying an engineering, that I decided to try and prove myself in the tourism world as a soldier of fortune. I finally understood during my grad trip that my destiny was to support people with something that maybe is missing: to know how to really travel. It is a mission of spreading knowledge, myths and legends of every special place.

A past? To combine all the experience got and unscrew the hidden details or challenges showed up day by day .

A present? To build an empire from the foundations, which will expand, complete and fortify the walls of a new world.

A dream? To pick up the reins of that runaway horse called Company and to go on that trip with no return, with the hope of reaching that point that makes us free.