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This innovative product, protected by utility model, consists of PVC cards that easily offer tourists a new way to get historical and architectural information about the city highlights. All the info can be read on your cellphone or tablet screen without internet and this is the point that makes this product be for everyone.


They are all the same size as a credit card, so they can easily fit in your wallet. You can get a deep information about the most visited city landmarks. It is contained in 2 QR codes on their back, this topic will be covered later with pictures.

The frontal designs of the cards are as follows:

The languages currently available are: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, although they will be available soon in russe and chinese.

The monuments described are the following, all them about the city of Seville:

  • Cathedral of Seville, which also includes La Giralda, the Orange Trees Patio and the Sagrario Church.
  • Real Alcazar, contains a brief description of every garden, as well as the Mudejar and the Gothic Palaces in detail.
  • Gold Tower & Real Maestranza Bullring on a single card, titled as “Guadalquivir” because of the closeness to this river.
  • Pilate’s House & De las Dueñas Palace, called as “Interiores” for being especially attractive by their numerous pieces of art and furniture.
  • Spain Square & Metropol Parasol, entitled “Free” by being both outdoors and allowing a free visit.

The QR codes are located on the reverse, and as we mentioned they contain the tourist information of such monuments. Below we show an example of how they look like, in this case the Spain Square & Metropol Parasol card in Spanish, both the front and the back of the card:



As observed in the picture above, at the bottom of every card you can find the operation instructions, they are simple and intuitive, and explain how to proceed to obtain the information on your screen:

  • In the case you don’t have, first you can download a QR code reader to your smartphone or tablet, so it is just open the Google Play or App Store and search one of the options given, they are all free apps without advertising. They are all latest generation QR scanners so you can keep them from then on.
  • When you wish and without internet requirements, just open the app and in the scanning mode point the camera to each QR code, you will inmediatly obtain a guide.

It is very intituitive and automatic. However, we carefully explain all these steps in the following video:


The main advantages of the product are the following:

  • It is not necessary an internet connection to read the QR codes, therefore these cards are specially designed for the tourists who do not have data network in their devices for being abroad. The only moment that would require an access to internet is to download one of the QR code readers mentioned to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Its careful design allows not only a portable personal guide in your wallet, but also an unforgettable souvenir of your visit. You can indefinitely use the card, even at your back home, and place it in the photo album or on the fridge.



You can click the “ONLINE SHOP” section of the menu, where you can get all the cards you want using the Paypal platform. We will quickly contact you about the shipment.

Also you can get them in a face-to-face purchase. Just go to “POINTS OF SALE” and see what companies are collaborating with us. They are everywhere along the city, so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

In case of companies, especially establishments like hotels, tourism offices, travel agencies or souvenir shops, you can contact us clicking “CONTACT” in the menu and we could treat personally the possibilities of trading.