Each one of us represents an active and important part of our company. We are a small team in permanent communication.

Dorian B. Ameneiro López

CEO & Founder

I am a civil engineer by training and an adventurer by vocation. That summarizes my biography.

A quadrangular formation made me learn how to use the basic tools of a good management. After a subjet on 5th year about Business Administration, I discovered the adventure hidden behind every business. After spending hours and hours looking at the ceiling and reading economic news, the idea of entrepreneurship fell down from heaven to my head, which I have been working and developing  for two years.

On the other hand, it was the desire for adventure, aided the oppression of years and years studying an engineering, that I decided to try and prove myself in the tourism world as a soldier of fortune. I finally understood during my grad trip that my destiny was to support people with something that maybe is missing: to know how to really travel. It is a mission of spreading knowledge, myths and legends of every special place.

A past? To combine all the experience got and unscrew the hidden details or challenges showed up day by day .

A present? To build an empire from the foundations, which will expand, complete and fortify the walls of a new world.

A dream? To pick up the reins of that runaway horse called Company and to go on that trip with no return, with the hope of reaching that point that makes us free.