In our company we want travelers to have an unforgettable remember about the historical and architectural details hidden behind every city. That is why we bet on supplying our PVC cards in any language. They are all protected by a varnish that allows the printing be conserved at all times.

Trending Cards understands that smartphones or tablets have lately become to travellers an essencial tool to stay in touch when they are abroad, so we want to use all the utilities they offer and easily supply information of the visited city.

We want the touristic visits to be a comfortable experience, without unnecesary weight, that is why the dimensions of our cards can fit in your wallet beside your credit cards.

The applications we recommend are the bests in the QR code reader market, they are all free and without advertising. As QR codes are becoming more widespread, we recommend you to keep it after the trip, it takes up hardly any space.

We do not want you to worry about having an internet connection all time, by the cost of being abroad or by the discomfort of connecting the network of data. That is why the guides are directly contained letter by letter in the QR codes, therefore they do not depend on the availability of a website.

In Trending Cards we also want you to get the travel guide whenever you want, even years later. The materials we use do not get worse over time.

Finally, we want you to have an unforgettable souvenir of the trip. By that we specially paid attention to their design with the colors and pictures of the places. At your back home, the cards can be saved in any album of photos, be stored in a drawer or placed on the fridge with a magnet.


“Everyone with the ability that makes us unique, together the desire to make the experience of travel only”.